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Fish Tank Screensaver needs a facelift

It is LONG overdue for the fish tank to be revamped. Give the viewers what we want!

1. PUFFERFISH, bonus if they puff up while swimming by

2. little crabs along the bottom

3. time stamp  somewhere on the screen

4. fish food sporadically falling from the top and they eat 

5. baby fish 

6. shark in the distance, just a shadow 

7. most importantly, we NEED the eel to escape his cave. I cannot wait any longer in anticipation of him peeping out of his cave. The hours I have spent watching this loop in hopes he will inch out further..it is time. 

give the roku viewers what we want!!


Re: Fish Tank Screensaver needs a facelift

Absolutely correct. I keep waiting on the eel to grab dinner. Poor guy just gets teased by the fish.  

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