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Channel Surfer

DD+ Signal but Stereo Output

Seen lots of related discussion but no solution.

We get surround sound on BR, OTA and the Amazon Prime channel for shows listed 5.1 or atmos.  We get a DD+ signal but a stereo output only for all other shows on AP and all shows on all the channels shown on Roku's homepage.  

Our Roku Ultra (model 4800) is connected to a Denon X3600H via the HDMI cable that came in the box and then, via ARC/eARC using a high speed HDMI cable with ethernet to a 1080p Panasonic plasma HDTV.  The AVRs ports are 2.0b and HDCP 2.3 compliant and the TV's ports are 1.4.

The firmware is up to date, leveling is turned off, we've done factory resets after fiddling with the Roku's settings, and powered down/up, to no avail.  

Have we overlooked a solution or simply joined a group of frustrated Roku owners forced to move forward with a non-Roku srreaming device.  Thanks in advance for any solutions .



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Channel Surfer

Re: DD+ Signal but Stereo Output

SOLVED - Obvious solution after all.  Select "pass-thru' in Roku's audio settings.  May also need to select "surround sound" or similar setting on the AVR's audio and/or input settings.  Then Wallah!!!!

I'm afraid I got caught up in other discussions about this issue and for some reason, mistakenly understood that if the Roku's audio setting was changed from "auto-detect" the Roku would be stuck on stereo.  My bad!!!!!




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