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Cast to Roku device not available in all iOS apps


I have just bought a Roku device for the main reason to be able to 'cast' all my streaming services to it, as well as having its GUI and remote as another option.

Roku advertise the fact it can do it here:


and why I bought it.

But on testing and digging into it they do NOT support true chromecast:




Youtube and netflix do work for casting as they are supporting the 'DIAL' direct cast that Roku are supporting. But BBC iPlayer, ITVX, 4oD and many others don't support this feature. 

So looks like Roku need to get on with licencing 'chromecast' from Google, or update the main page clearly detailing this.

Does anyone have some further info before I return this device and purchase a Google Chromecast?


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Re: Cast to Roku device not available in all iOS apps


If Airplay doesn't work for your needs https://support.roku.com/article/360057488733, then you can try out additional casting apps available from the Apple Store.

I use(d) Web Video Caster when I had an Apple phone and continue to use it on my Android devices.  There are others as well that work well with Roku. https://channelstore.roku.com/en-gb/search/web+video+caster  Basically you install Web Video Caster (WVC) app on your mobile device and the WVC receiver channel/app on your Roku device.  Allows many different casting options, so may work for your needs.


Because these streaming devices are reasonably priced. some streamers have different HDMI devices (Roku, Fire, Chromecast, Android) attached to their TVs so they can just switch between devices and features as necessary and needed.  Until Roku decides to license Chromecast ability, options currently are to purchase an additional Chromecast dongle or to just try and add the additional casting feature yourself via mobile app, like WVC and others.

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