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Can you play (sync) the same live content across multiple devices?

I have been with Roku since 2014 and currently have 6 devices.  On the first floor of my house I have three.  Two of which are within the same living area (great room and lanai).  I am a big sport viewer and watch baseball every day.  Pre-Roku it was normal for me to put the game on several TVs so I can keep an eye on it as I did things around the house.  I would like to be able to do the same with Roku.  Is there any plans to to be able to put a game on and have it play sycronized across mulitple devices?

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Re: Can you play (sync) the same live content across multiple devices?

Hi @finnsdad

Thank you for the post!

Unfortunately, at the moment, Roku devices do not have the capability to synchronize live content across multiple devices. Each device operates independently and streams content separately.

However, there are some third-party apps and services available that allow you to cast content to multiple devices simultaneously, such as Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV. These services may be able to provide the functionality you are looking for.

It's also worth noting that some sports streaming services offer multi-view options, which allow you to watch multiple games or streams simultaneously on the same device. This could be a useful alternative to watching on multiple devices.

As for future plans, Roku has not announced any plans to add synchronization functionality to their devices. We currently don't have any info to share about this, but you can check out our blog at http://blog.roku.com for the latest news and upcoming updates.

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Re: Can you play (sync) the same live content across multiple devices?

This is a software problem Roku should prioritize solving for the increased device sales incentive alone.  Think about it - you’re having people over to watch a sports event in multiple rooms and outside and you want to create a seamless entertainment environment, so you buy roku devices for every tv just for that capability thus increasing hardware market sales cap as well as capturing all streaming in the house or place of business into the Roku ecosystem; or you are grilling outside watching on that TV and moving from there in between the kitchen that has a TV the dining and living room that has a TV within view and you don’t have to miss anything; lots of different use cases that incentivize users to buy more hardware.  And the developers could use the mics on the voice remotes as A/V sync feedback input for parity.  Just a thought while trying to solve my own issues.  Please forward to product managers and sales managers/engineers if you see value here.