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roku tv not connecting no matter what

my internet was blocked from all of my devices for about a week (im staying with family and they have had issues with people accessing their wifi so they blocked all recent new ones until we figured out which were ours) but it’s unblocked on all devices now, however my roku tv will not reconnect to it at all. i have restarted it more times than i can count, unplugged it many times, moved its location a bunch as well, reset network settings, and even factory reset it twice now. the internet is completely fine on every other device connected to it, no devices are blocked at the moment, and we have triple checked it to make sure. but my roku just will not connect at all no matter what i do. any suggestions?

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Re: roku tv not connecting no matter what

Hi @subwaysammy
Welcome to the Roku Community!
We're sorry about your experience, this is not what we aim for. Let's work on this.
We need to gather some information about your concern so we can investigate and give you further assistance.

  • Are there any error codes or messages when you try to connect?
  • Have you tried an alternative wireless network, like a mobile hotspot, to connect?
  • Can you send us a screenshot of what is occurring on screen when you try to connect? s

With more detailed information, we can investigate the issue further. Let us know what you find out, we're looking forward to assisting you.
Best regards,

Roku Community Moderator
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