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cant get video to play on any channel

on my Sharp roku TV home screen comes up fine  I can go to any App and open it and see titles but when I click on the title or show nothing happens  Sometimes the little spinning download will come up  but it never opens the video  Several of the Apps (ESPN, Hulu etc) will pop up a message "video playback error"  I have restarted tv several times, I have rebooted my modem and router and have deleted and reinstalled apps but the same thing. I have a Firestick on my HDMI that works fine and my Roku stick is working fine on it. Can someone Help?

Channel Surfer

Re: cant get video to play on any channel

Same for me on my roku sharp tv it's really frustrating 

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Reel Rookie

Re: cant get video to play on any channel

We've got the same problem. No video on any channels on Sharp tv. All resets including factory reset didn't help. 

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