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Yet another HDR issue - 55R635 and PS5

I was lucky enough to acquire a PS5 recently and I’ve been messing around with it on my television.  All of my streaming apps on the TV itself look fantastic, they display at 4k60 with HDR.  When I go to the PS5 to play, the same apps run through the PS5 (Hulu, Disney+, etc), they are much darker and appear to be not at 4k.  Games are darker too unless I disable HDR, then everything is bright and lovely looking when I use SDR.  I’ve tried all sorts of configurations and I can’t seem to make the HDR look proper, either for the games or the streaming apps.  Obviously I can just use the TV itself as far as watching Hulu and stuff goes, but the game thing is fairly annoying.  What do I do to fix this?  Can I fix this at all?  I’ve tried game mode, non game mode, various brightness and backlight settings, I’ve calibrated the HDR like everyone says to on the PS5, I can’t use the expert picture settings with game mode, and I can’t play games without horrible input lag without game mode, so that’s a no-go.

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