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Level 8

Will Roku TVs ever have audio leveling functionality restored?

I have a Roku TV which has "sound modes" (they are useless) but no volume leveling or "night mode". This is a HUGE feature oversight, and one that existed on roku TVs before but was for some reason removed.
Is this planned to ever be re-added to roku TVs? The support page has listed this for months now.
Note: Automatic Volume Leveling for Roku TV is expected to be available in the coming months. This feature is currently available on Roku TVs running Roku OS 8.2.2 or newer releases when they are paired with Roku wireless speakers.

Its looking like a switch to Apple TV is the only solution here.

Please note that "Sound Modes" are NOT the same feature, and any employee suggesting using them doesnt know what they are talking about and should please refrain from answering this question.