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Why doesn't Roku save my settings on my Roku TV?

Because of issues with Roku as well as issues with my roku TV, I've had to factory reset my Roku mutiple tomes. Why is it that Roku doesn't save my Live TV settings to my online account so they can be restored after a reset??? Apparently Roku engineers have never had to repeatedly set up ALL their live channels so that it's reasonable for a human to navigate the hundreds of chnnels.  

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Re: Why doesn't Roku save my settings?

Hi @IHiJump 

Thanks for posting regarding the issue you are experiencing.

Can you please elaborate why you are factory resetting your Roku TV? In general, trying to perform a factory reset on a Roku device is used as a last resort due to the inconveniences that it may cause, such as setting up Live TV settings again. Perhaps we can look into the issue that you are experiencing in order to prevent you from having to performing a factory reset on your Roku device.

Please keep us posted and we will be more than happy to continue assisting you. We look forward to your response.


Danny R.
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Re: Why doesn't Roku save my settings?

I've had various issues with maintained settings (unexpected theme changes after software updates, Channel Guide updates that restore previously hidden channels).  Tonight, I just experienced the Roku TCL 4K HDR TV update 12.0 debacle and had to perform a factory reset to get any semblance of usabilty and QAM channels restored (the * button failed to work to get to "all hidden channels; only pay channels listed, etc.).  I thought the -exact- same thing - my customized settings should be saved so they can be restored when -you-, the provider, royally mess things up for customers who have a reasonable expectation that the device they paid for will function satisfactorily...  I now have to re-login to the the various streaming services I have subscribed to, and now need to step through and again 'hide' all of the (what I perceive to be "pointless"/not of interest channels in the "live TV" streamed channel listing, so I don't have to scroll through pages of listed channels I will -never- view...

Really, I have better things to do with my time -- don't you also?


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Re: Why doesn't Roku save my settings?

Roku lost my dam'd channel settings... again. I now have to go through all 4k channels and redo every single one!  

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