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Universal Remote for TCL 55R635 and Optimum Cable Box

So, just got my new TCL Roku tv, model number #55R635.  As of now I need two remotes for the TV, because the ROKU remote is not capable of changing channels.  Does anyone know of a "universal" remote that may work for a set top cable box and the roku tv?  Thank you!

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Re: Universal Remote for TCL 55R635 and Optimum Cable Box

Look at the One-For-All urc-7880 or Inteset 433-2, first is a 8-in-1 the second is 4 device remote. Both made by UEI, and so both takes advanced codes for missing commands or discrete commands like the roku apps. You can add a disney+ key to to other one by using advanced code 00139, to map it to a key. First program Roku tv code 14398 to the tv device, then:


1. roku tv device

2. press and hold SET/Magic key for two blinks, release

3. enter 9 9 4

4. tap SET/Magic key for one blink

5. enter advanced code 00139

6. pick a key

other apps are:

Fandango Now 00019

Slingtv 00017

vudu 00146

Roku media player 00110

Amazon 00156

netflix 00096

you tube 00097

cbs news 00090

google play 00099

Rdio 00189

Hbo 00161

showtime  00157

pandora 00093

yupp tv 00255

input 00094

hdmi 1 00238

hdmi 2 00240 

hdmi 3 00236

av input 00231

options 00254

home 00092

pluto tv 00120

roku ch 00121

cbs all access 00124

boomerang 00125

fubo tv 00126

tune in 00127

hulu 00131

spotify 00212

starz 00213

vue 00215

crackle 00218

Disney + 00139 

dazn sports 00140

The Roku Ultra remote has two key 1 & 2 that can hold a memorized voice search, with two UEI universal remotes it will give access to three keys you can hold a voice search in, call them 1, 2, and 3 the advanced codes for them are:

1  is 00038

2 is 00040

3 is 00042

To use these you will need a roku voice remote with mircophone to initially store the commands into the 1,2, & 3 keys. 


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Re: Universal Remote for TCL 55R635 and Optimum Cable Box

If you're looking for a universal remote with number keys 0-9 to direct entry of channels with your roku tv, forget it. Roku tv's DO NOT respond to the number keys on ANY universal remote. Sorry. 

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