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Reel Rookie

The Shift in Streaming Channel Numbers and What It Means for Viewers?

The traditional concept of fixed channel numbers is undergoing a significant transformation in the streaming era. This shift is driven by a focus on personalization, as streaming platforms leverage advanced algorithms to tailor content recommendations. Viewers now enjoy a more fluid experience, liberated from linear programming, and are presented with a myriad of content choices across various platforms. Aggregated platforms are rising to streamline this diversity, challenging content creators to produce standout material. The evolving landscape also impacts advertisers, necessitating innovative strategies to engage audiences on streaming services. As viewers and industry stakeholders adapt to this new normal, the future of streaming lies in embracing the opportunities and addressing the challenges within this dynamic digital ecosystem.

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Re: The Shift in Streaming Channel Numbers and What It Means for Viewers?

Personally I think this was a bad decision on Roku's part. Why do you advertise streaming channels in your commercials with channel numbers that no longer exist? It's an oxymoron. Did you at least get opinions from the community before incorporating this. I'm sure with technology these days you could have offered us the option of showing/not showing the channel numbers. Now that's a better idea! Obviously you've jumped on the band wagon to have A.I. be in charge of our lives. Every time I turn on my TV now, the channels randomly relocate themselves to different spots on my channel guide. I can promise you that my next TV will 'NOT' be a Smart TV. First the 'V-chip' and now this garbage. Try giving your community more options/choices, rather than force your biased opinions on us, as a means to control our actions, thoughts, etc. 

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