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Level 7

Tcl Roku tv going off and on by itself

I have tried to reset on the back of tv, I have also tried to reset by using commands on remote and it's still going on and off. When it comes on it has the red screen with TCL ROKU TV in the center 4K HDR..

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Level 9

Re: Tcl Roku tv going off and on by itself

This sounds like a classic CEC problem with one of your devices connected to the tv's HDMI port(s).

Do this: HOME > SETTINGS > SYSTEM > CONTROL OTHER DEVICES > UNCHECK any boxes here that are checked.

If this doesn't fix it, check each device hooked to the tv's HDMI ports, and turn off CEC for each one, until it stops it. Whichever is the last one that stops it, is the offending device.


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