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Re: Favorite channels suddenly stopped working

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for the feedback!

We are always testing new experiences with Roku devices and I will let the appropriate Roku team know about your input and feedback.


Danny R.
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Channel Guide Filter Resets to All When Restarted

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In the last week or so the channel guide filter has stopped working properly. Every time the TV is turned off it resets to all channels. I continually filter it back to favorites but it is not staying on favorites.

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Don't Like the New Search Results Layout

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I'm posting this here because I don't see any way to provide feedback directly to Roku.

1) With the latest system update, the search results appears as a horizontal row of tiles, with additional rows of tiles for popular movies, popular tv shows, etc. I prefer the previous layout, a vertical list of the program titles you've searched without the extraneous categories in the new layout. All I want is the list of searched titles.

2) And there should be a direct feedback channel to Roku.

3) Also, we should be able to delete programs from My Feed directly from My Feed, not by having to search for the programs again and deleting them from My Feed through the search results. Needlessly inefficient, takes time, and displaces recent search results you may want to keep.

If anyone knows of a way to provide direct feedback to Roku that I missed, please let me know about it.



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Re: Don't Like the New Search Results Layout

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Join the discussion on the other thread regarding this.


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Please make it where the filter stays after power off or any time you exit live tv.

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The recent changes to the guide broke something that did not need to be fixed. The latest development is that any time you exit live tv the filter reverts back to all channels. Can there be an option to save the filter so that we can only stay on our favorites?

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Re: Guide filter resets after power off

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Re: Live TV Guide reverts to All Channels

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in the channel guide, press left arrow until the channel number and name is highlighted 

Press *

navigate to Filter

select Favorites 

unfortunately you have to do this every power up

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Re: Live TV Guide reverts to All Channels

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Thanks! Yes, I saw they somewhat fixed it, but I don't know why they can't just put it back the way it was. Or at least explain why they won't 

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Re: Live TV Guide reverts to All Channels

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Ain’t that the truth, brother!


”if it ain’t broke, break it.”

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Re: filter option missing from the channel options menu

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@Anonymous wrote:

Hi @kmike75,

Welcome to the Roku Community!

Please be aware that the Auto Favorites feature has been moved to the Recent Channels view. In addition, the All Channels view will no longer be ordered based on the channels in Auto Favorites.

You will be able to show/hide OTA channels and OTT streaming channels. For more information about how to do this, visit our Support page here: How to find TV listings using Live TV Channel Guide | Official Roku Support.

We look forward to having additional channel management features in the future.

Warm Regards,

  Hello Lianna 

I've tried and tried . And nothing works as stated. I always have to do 3 extra steps everytime, it (TCL Roku tv) decided to go to all channels. At first I thought it was happening after I viewed a streaming chanel, I use the antenna tv box, not the live tv one. But that's not the case. It randomly changes back to all channels on its own. And the only thing I can think is that if the signal is weak or breaks up a little, this is on its channels. It seems to happen then. Then No buttonson the remote work except the home button. I use a 3.0 compact USB for the rewind feature, and it stops being able to rewind 

 I'm not sure if it's week signals , or I need a dumb 2.0 USB. Since the 3.0 USB has more brains. 

Any advice would be helpful.

PS. I was up to level 5. And when I got another TCL Roku tv. It set my profile back to a Newbie. I should be up at Level 11 by now. If you could explain why it started me over. But it threw me under the bus, so to speak. Lol.

 If you can just help make the favorite selection, in channel filters from changing that would help all of your users and also help give the product a more reliable reputation.

Please tell management to not change all rokus at once. Do it by type, model and tv rokus. Individually. So it don't mess all the products  at once. Not just test on random rokus. 

PSS. Ota guide works fine and accurate with proper zip code. But the minute I hook the internet to it, no channel guide info. So the OTA is accurate, and with the net connection is completely inaccurate.Its in the Roku setup. So I put a false zip code to get some of the info accurate. 

And if you can please change my ranking the be correct if you can.

Thanks for your time and effort, it must be easy with all the models, and good luck. It's obviously some very difficult work you all do trying to figure it all out.

Thanks again. 



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