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TCL TV mutes during some Over the Air commercials and all Football Referees

I love the TV with the built in Roku. There is one issue.

When watching NFL footbal on Over the Air channels, the referee is muted and we cannot here his explanations. Some commercials go mute automatically (no great loss). I also think there may be some other audio we are are not getting. It is like there are mutiple audio channels and we are not getting at least one.

Is there anything I can do? Does anyone else have this trouble?


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Re: TCL TV mutes during some Over the Air commercials and all Football Referees

Thanks for reaching out here. I have a few questions to better help understand the issue. 

- Does this only occur on one OTA channel or multiple channels you are watching? 

- What is the number of the specific channel(s) that the issue occurs on? 

- What software version/build does your TV currently have installed? (Settings>System>About) 

- When did you first notice this behavior occurring? 


With more information, we might be able to provide additional assistance. We'd also highly recommend contacting your Roku TV manufacturer for more help. Please see our list of Roku TV Manufacturer Support & Warranty contact information. 





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Level 7

Re: TCL TV mutes during some Over the Air commercials and all Football Referees

This occurs on all OTA channels that broadcast NFL football ( I typically only watch sports on OTA). Specifically CBS (2.1) NBC (5.1) and FOX (24.1) in Chalreston SC.  I have also noticed severe volume lowering in a few rare commercials on HULU streaming of the same 2 shows I watch on NBC. Hulu also mutes the next episode previews of the two show I watch on NBC.
This has been going on about a year. Maybe longer.
I do have an HDMI-ARC external speaker system from Vizio, because the TCL had bad sound quality (tinny). When I bought it the Roku sound bar was not available.
It is odd that not all commercials are affected. I can be certain all of the referee clarification of calls will be muted. Also the previews on NBC are totally muted on both TV shows I watch there.
This is very odd. I mostly want to now if others are having the same issue, and if anyone has found a system setting that cures this issue.
Larry Morgan
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