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TCL Roku TV Never Restarts After Software Update

I got a new TCL Roku 65R655 (J102X) and I plugged it in to use it in all its greatness.

It opened the initial setup screen , I went through it, and connected to my internet via ethernet. It automatically checked for updates and downloads it super fast. It displays a message saying it will automatically restart after installing the update. Here's where things go wrong. Once it downloads the update and restarts, the TV never turns back on again.

I disconnected the power after a while, waited 15 minutes and then plugged it back in. The TV turns on to the initial setup again. I go through it again. It turns off to restart again. It never turns back on. I have done this 6 times and it's always the same.

I have searched far and wide for fixes and tried the following:

  • Disconnect power for a 24 hours and retry setup - no luck.
  • I skipped the internet connection setup, did a factory reset, and tried setup again - no luck.
  • I pressed the reset button behind the TV and tried setup again - no luck.
  • I downloaded the software update to a USB and went through all the steps on https://tvupdate.roku.com - no luck.
  • I reached out to TCL support and they said to enable Fast TV start, drain excess power, and try the setup again - no luck.

The TV restarts okay when I use the reset button, and when I do it manually through settings. This leads me to believe that this might be cause by the new software it installs but I may be wrong. In case this is helpful, the fresh-out-of-the-box software version is:

10.5.0 build 3168-DK

Right now I am using it as a "dumb" TV, and my worst-case workaround is to use a Chromestick for the smart features since the HDMI ports seem to work okay.

This is a new TV but more importantly, this is my first TV and I have been looking forward to it for a long time so any pointers, and suggestions to fix this will be great.


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