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Roku TV not discoverable on my iphone

My Roku TV has been working fine until a couple days ago. But now it cannot be found on my iPhone and or other phones I’ve tried. It works with the remote it came with still, but I’d much rather use my iPhone. I do trouble shooting for my job and so I’ll go over everything I’ve done this far. I have checked to make sure the TV is fully up to date. I have unplugged it and plugged it back it several times. It is connected to the same network as my phone. I factory reset the tv and re did everything. I went into advanced settings and made sure it was set to default on that one part. All of this has been done today. I also have tried connecting manually of course with the IP address. Everything works fine on the TV except connecting it to a phone now. 

Can I get a Roku expert to get me some help. Please read everything I put before giving a suggestion that is the same. 

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