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Roku TV Turning off Internet?

This has been going on for like two months and I'm just beyond annoyed at this point. For some reason my Roku TV decided to stop connecting to my internet. I'll turn my TV off, come back later and turn it on, and it won't connect to the internet. Roku will only connect to the internet after I unplug my TV and turn it on and sometimes it takes twice. There's also times I turn on my TV and my phone gets disconnected from my wifi.

I've had this TV for three years and never had any issues like this. I don't think it's my wifi because I don't have any issues with my phone connecting or getting disconnected until I turn on my TV. I did change my TV package with Comcast a month or so before this issue started, so maybe that has something to do with it. Idk if anyone else has had this problem and was able to fix it, but any help would be great.

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Re: Roku TV Turning off Internet?

It sounds like your phone and TV could both be trying to use the same IP address, but that's something that doesn't generally occur these days unless something is misconfigured in your router.  You can try enabling "Fast TV start" (or something like that) under Settings->System->Power.  Your TV should maintain its network connection with that enabled.

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Re: Roku TV Turning off Internet?

In a previous life for many years I had a consulting company where I dealt with client offices, including system they set up themselves.  What Jim told you, an IP collision, sounds 100% right, it would behave exactly as your describing and is one of those scenarios (two devices fighting for access and preempting each other) where there isn't a list of possible reasons, there is basically one, Jim's:

  • Check your DHCP settings on your router, including any exclusion list (Most likely)
  • Make sure if either of the devices are trying to use a static IP that in in the DHCP range (doubtful)
  • Make sure you don't have 2 DHCP devices running (such as a cable modem and a router) that are offering the same address range (very unlikely)
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Re: Roku TV Turning off Internet?

My started a few months ago, then they would connect after restarting now today all 5 devices stop connecting. Is there a phone number to call for help

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