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Re: Roku OS 10.0 Needs a Way to Disable Automatic Game Configuration

For what it's worth this is happening with home theater recievers too, not just HDMI switchers. It only just started happening last night with my Yamaha V4A. 

Of course, the comedy is that the Game Mode on my specific TV (TCL 50S25) is more or less useless - the input lag is effectively the same when it's on or off - but the renaming of the input, the annoying ugly pop ups at the top and the bottom, and the inability to shut it off or stop the tv from doing it whenever it feels like it is pretty highly annoying. 

I'm also not sure if OS 10.0 is partially why my PS4 is suddenly having HDCP issues and preventing playback of blu-rays and DVDs to the TV through the reciever. 

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