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No signal (is it on?) showing up but the device is on

I got a brand new onn roku tv and I got everything plugged in and turned on and i have my PlayStation plugged into the hdmi and it’s turned on and it keeps saying no signal (is it on?) but the device is on and I’ve tried restarting everything and unplugging and replugging everything and factory resetting (a couple times throughout all of this) the tv even tho it was just set up for the first time anyway with this problem, I’ve tried removing and adding the stuff again I’ve tried two hdmi cords and two of the three hdmi ports and I know for sure my PlayStation is on because I have the remote play app on my phone and have checked multiple times and I’m not sure what else to try to get this to work

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Re: No signal (is it on?) showing up but the device is on


Not sure if it is a similar problem that TCL RokuTVs experienced with their PlayStation problems.

See if the Onn RokuTV has a HDMI Mode. ( Settings..TV Inputs..HDMI Mode)  If it does, select HDMI 2.0 rather than Auto.

Then restart your Playstation and see if it boots up.  Apparently from here, you then go to "Sounds and Settings" in the Playstation and select "Video Output Settings" and Enable or set to Automatic the HDR setting.

I don't have an Onn RokuTV so not sure if the HDMI Mode is available as it is not present on my Insignia RokuTV.  Additionally, I have read online that you need to verify that you are using a HDMI 2.0 cable.

Feel free to post back with an update.  This was an older fix from last year so not sure if still applicable.


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