Reel Rookie

Re: Netflix issues with Streambar

Hi. As others on this thread of said, there are no clear steps to reproduce the problem. At seemingly random times, the following behaviors are observed when starting a movie on Netflix (and only Netflix):

1) The audio begins to get choppy

2) Video freezes

3) Download meter appears. Behavior continues even after the download meter goes away.

4) Roku freezes. Hitting home, back, etc. does nothing

5) After several minutes, the Roku returns to the homepage or sometimes restarts

Sometimes just restarting Netflix allows the video to continue, but in most cases a restart is required to resolve the problem.

Per instructions I received previously, I have:

1) ensured that I am running the  latest updates on my Stream Bar Pro

2) deleted the Netflix channel

3) restarted the Stream Bar Pro

4) reinstalled Netflix

5) pressed the star on the remote and checked for updates to the Netflix app

I have repeated these actions several times to no avail. Also, I have gigabit cable internet, so bandwidth is not an issue. I also never experience this issue on any of my Roku Ultra devices -- it only happens on my Stream Bar Pro and Smart Soundbar Pro.