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Issues with Roku TV playing Dolby Atmos/TrueHD audio track (out of sync, etc)

Having some weird issues with playing video files from Roku Media Player which contain Dolby True HD/Atmos metadata tracks..

I have a Hisense R7 connected to a Denon s540 through ARC, which only detects as Dolby Digital, not Dolby Digital Plus but that is another problem altogether.

My current issue is when I play video files from Media Player (both through USB and DLNA) which contain a True HD atmos track AND compatibility 5.1 AC3 tracks, the True HD track will be selected (Shows as MAT in the info window) and the audio will be greatly out of sync. Maybe a half second fast.

The other issue is that when I go to the options menu (*) it only shows that the file has ONE audio track and I can't select the 5.1 track. 

The same file, played on my other Roku TV (TCL R615), played through the TV speakers, has no problem detecting or playing the second track, in sync.

Can someone explain what is happening here and how to fix it? Either get the audio to be in sync or have the Roku let me play the alternate audio tracks?

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Level 9

Re: Issues with Roku TV playing Dolby Atmos/TrueHD audio track (out of sync, etc)

I remade the track with the 5.1 as the default track and it plays fine with no option to switch to the Atmos 7.1 track.

Turning off the AVR and playing through speakers on the Hisense with the Atmos track results in the same lip sync problem and inability to switch tracks as initially.

Maybe it is an issue specifically with this TV model? 

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