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Insignia TV won’t connect to WiFi

I have an insignia tv with Roku built in, and this week have not been able to connect to my WiFi. The WiFi works on all other devices in my home, and the TV works when I test it on my phone’s hotspot. When I try to connect to my WiFi it asks if it is a home or dorm network which it has never done before. After I select home, it says it finds the connection but won’t connect to the internet. I’ve had this tv for almost two years and have never had this before.

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Re: Insignia TV won’t connect to WiFi

@bga214  Thanks for the note here. It sounds like you may be trying to connect to a guest or public network that requires that a user accept terms on a splash screen. I'd recommend trying a couple things here. 

1. Restart your TV from Settings>System>Power>System restart. Reboot your wireless router/modem at the same time by disconnecting them from power for a moment. 

2. Once both devices are fully restarted, and your modem/router has fully reconnected. try going into Settings>Network>Set up connection and try to connect once more. 

3. If that still isn't working, try going into Settings>System>Advanced system settings>Network connection reset and reset your TV's network connection. Restart your TV once more. Then, go back to Settings>Network and try to connect once more. 

4. It's possible that a settings or configuration change may have occurred on your network due to an update or change by your ISP. You might try following the steps to connect using Hotel and Dorm connect here: https://support.roku.com/article/215058118-how-do-i-use-hotel-dorm-connect-to-connect-to-the-interne...

If you are still encountering an issue, we'd recommend contacting your Roku TV manufacturer directly for further assistance. You can locate their support contact information here: https://community.roku.com/t5/Manufacturer-Support-Warranty-Resources/Contacting-Support-for-Your-Ro...

You might also follow up with your ISP to report the issue, and request that they review the configuration of your wireless router/modem to ensure that no additional security measures have become enabled that may prevent you from connecting normally. 




Tanner D.
Roku Community Manager
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