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Level 7

ISO soundbar for Samsung Plasma TV 5350 (not smart).

Novie here: Have a Samsung Plasma TV Series 5350 (not 4D) and a Roku Express. Has Digital audio out (optical) and USB ports; HDMI's are taken up with Roku and Frontier Fios DVR player.

Looking for a Soundbar just to make TV sound clearer; don't need stereo or surround sound or other bells and whistles. WIll a Roku soundbar work? Need newer Roku device with it?

THank you and stay safe.

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Level 20

Re: ISO soundbar for Samsung Plasma TV 5350 (not smart).

If you get a true Roku soundbar or streambar it has built-in roku streamer so won't need another roku. It can replace your express, and use the hdmi input its using on your tv. If the tv doesn't have hdmi-arc input, you'll have to use combination of hdmi input and optical output. 

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