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Reel Rookie

I need some help with a Roku 3820RW.

I need some help with a Roku 3820RW. Is it compatible with a Trexonic video monitor my wife bought on HSN? It does nothing after the Software update?  What am I doing wrong?  It has no problem with wireless or Internet connection.  It's Trexonic model: TRX-14D 14" LED TV.  The original plan was to get our Spectrum service on a second monitor in her "Craft Room".  Thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: I need some help with a Roku 3820RW.


From looking at its specs, looks like the Roku Premiere 3820 should work with this monitor.  Are you sure you have selected the appropriate Input using the "Source" button on the monitor?

Also try plugging the Roku device into wall power rather than the USB power port on the monitor if you are currently doing so.

You can always try Factory Resetting the Roku device (press and hold the Reset button for 30+ seconds) and during setup, manually select 720p rather than allowing "Auto Detect".  Otherwise, take the Premiere to another TV in your house and see if it working there.  If it is, then go to Settings/Display Type and set to 720p. (again, do not use Auto Detect).  Then take it back to the monitor ansd see if it now works.  Looks like that monitor supports only 720p so need to make sure that is the selected Display Type.

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Reel Rookie

Re: I need some help with a Roku 3820RW.

Hi,  I certainly appreciate your help.  I've tried the Reset for :30 seconds, I've tried Two other monitors, both 4K and running properly.  ALL I ever get was the bouncing Roku animation, then the "Let's get started" page.  It continues to find the wireless signal and then the Internet with no problem.  It loads the "Latest"

software, then re-boots and does it all over again.  On this forum, I see that I'm not alone.  At least 40 customers over the last two years are having the same problem.  I'll be returning it to Walmart tom.

I'd say the Manufacturer has a problem.  And the goofy monitor my wife purchased is working very well after we discoed the Roku.  This all started when the local cable guy (Spectrum) told me I could receive all our cable stations for free with this device, in a second room.  Hey, I don't know if their is another device like your's on the market.  Maybe get one named "KuKu" or something.  Who am I to ask.  I've only had 55 years of Broadcast Radio & TV experience (grin) Happy New Year!

Best Regards,

pat KN4KWC




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