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How is a TCL Roku TV different to a normal TCL TV?

We recently purchased a TCL C725, 50" Smart TV which is experiencing issues with many reported on this forum.  Could someone advise please what the differences are between a TCL Roku TV to a normal TCL TV?  

A couple of weeks after purchase, as my husband had been using the headphones I took the headphones out, however, the TV remained in "headphone" mode. When my husband plugged the headphones back in, he heard something "fall" into the back of the TV.


The TCL tech line asked us for a photo, and then they claimed that we had pushed the headphone jack into the TV. We've had it assessed by their nominated repairer who said it looked like the headphone cord was ripped out. (which it wasn't)


The wrote:

"We have in for repair a TCL 50C725 TV with a broken Headphone socket. I have examined the socket and board and confirmed that all six solder pads were soldered correctly but that the copper pads have been ripped off the circuit board.

This confirms that it is not a manufacturing fault and is customer-induced damage that is not covered by TCL Warranty.

Because of the damage to the copper mounting pads, there is nothing left to solder onto and therefore resoldering is impossible."


The TV cost $1200 and repairs will cost around $650.


Could anyone advise if they've had issues with their TCL TV headphone jack, or any issues with the TV getting stuck in "headphone" mode, please?


This was a special wedding anniversary gift and we are very disappointed.  




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Roku Guru

Re: How is a TCL Roku TV different to a normal TCL TV?

I suggest returning it, if you still can, and seeking out a Hisense Roku TV. For whatever reason, TCL is all the rage, but I've found that the Hisense R8 is the better model (I've compared them).

As for the difference between a regular TV and a Roku TV, people love the Roku operating system because it's very easy to use.

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Roku Guru

Re: How is a TCL Roku TV different to a normal TCL TV?

Some DIY possibilities: See if the TV has a setting where it plays audio even if headphones are plugged in. Or: use the broken-off connector to determine which circuit(s) is/are made/broken when a headphone plug is inserted and replicated that with a jumper/solder bridge on the TV board. (This seems so simple, I’m surprised the tech didn’t suggest it.)   Or: use something other than the TV for audio.  I’ve never used the audio system in my TV.  I have all my media devices plugged into an audio/video receiver which sends video to the TV and sound to separate speakers.

Strange title question.  This is a Roku forum, not so much a TV forum, though we try to be helpful.  You may get more TV expertise on an AV forum.  Like someone way already know which lines need to be jumpered on the TV board.

By the way, a quick browse shows many 50” TVs for less than the proposed repair cost.


Reel Rookie

Re: How is a TCL Roku TV different to a normal TCL TV?

Not sure about headphone mode,  but I just got one and did a factory reset and I looked online and for TCL there is a reset button in battery area and it reset the remote to work. I like my TCL I've had, got this 6 series so picture is even more clear than 5 series. 

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Reel Rookie

Re: How is a TCL Roku TV different to a normal TCL TV?

A TCL Roku TV is a specific model of TCL TV that incorporates Roku's smart TV platform. Here are the key differences between a TCL Roku TV and a normal TCL TV:

  1. Smart TV functionality: The most significant difference is that a TCL Roku TV comes with the Roku operating system built into the TV, providing access to various streaming services, apps, and features. It allows you to stream content from popular platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and many others directly on your TV without needing an additional streaming device.

  2. User interface: TCL Roku TVs have a user-friendly interface designed by Roku, which offers a simple and intuitive way to navigate through apps, settings, and content. The Roku interface is known for its ease of use and provides a unified experience across different streaming services.

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