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How does TV send volume to Roku Voice Remote Pro

I own a TCL 3-Series S327 TV. At my college, my mobile device does not detect my Roku TV using my college's WiFi, so I can not use private listening on my phone at school. I am considering buying a Roku Voice Remote Pro for private listening at college. My question is, how does the Roku Voice Remote Pro connect to the TV (does it need an internet connection to send sound from the TV to the remote and plugged in headphones, or does the TV transmit sound to the remote through bluetooth etc.?) I am concerned that I will have the same problem that I have with being unable to use private listening on my phone due to my school's internet set-up if I buy a new Roku remote.

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Re: How does TV send volume to Roku Voice Remote Pro


Thanks for the inquiry.

Roku Voice Remote Pro will connect wirelessly to Roku devices and not through Bluetooth.


Danny R.
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