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Full wireless set up with projector, streambar, wireless speakers and ultra LT

I have a projector that hangs above the seating area with my screen across the room. I am trying to switch from my traditional wired 5.1 surround setup with speaker wire running everywhere to a nice clean wireless solution.

I now have the streambar, wireless speakers, and wireless bass. I understand that the preferred location for the streambar is across the room, directly below the projector screen. Unfortunately, this means I am running a long, ugly HDMI cable from the streambar across the room and up the wall to the projector. This leaves me short of my goal of going fully wireless 5.1.

I still have my Ulta LT I purchased less than a year ago. An exquisite solution would be to use the Ultra as the video streamer and wirelessly play the 5.1 audio through the streambar. I believe all the hardware is in place to do this, but based on my research, it is impossible to set it up this way in the settings.

I could use the streambar as Bluetooth speakers for the Ultra using the private listening function, but based on my tests, I would have to select the streambar as the audio out each time, and it would only be stereo, not 5.1.

So my question is in two parts:

1. Am I missing something? What options am I not considering?

2. If this is all true, I would like this to be considered a feature request. I think it would fill a space in the market and encourage the purchase of more Roku hardware. All of the speaker systems I see in this price range presume that the soundbar will be directly below a TV and thus can easily be hardwired. Supporting full wireless 5.1 would set Roku apart.

Does anyone else think this would be awesome?



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