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FIXED: Streambar channels keep crashing on LG 42LN5300

I have an older LG TV (model 42LN5300) which has worked well for years with my Roku 3. 

Just bought a Streambar and am finding that every channel I try to open will close back to the main menu after a few seconds.

My TV doesn’t have an HDMI-ARC port so I’m connected using the HDMI cable and digital audio cable included with the Streambar. Roku software version is 9.4 build 4190-95 and I’ve made sure all channels are updated to most recent versions.

I can scroll the menus fine and the sound is working. But every channel has the same problem: I’ll load and maybe have ten seconds to scroll and try to select an option before I’m sent back to the main menu. 
I have deleted and restored channels, and I have done multiple factory resets

UPDATE: Happy to report I managed to find a fix. I switched off “1-touch play” which was on by default under the System - Control Other Devices menu. Hopefully this helps others with the same problem. Streambar is working great now and has made a big improvement to our old TV’s sound!

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Having a problem with all apps crashing on Streambar

Just received the Roku Streambar today.  Got it setup and things seemed to be ok initially.

As I began to test the different channel apps that I had installed, some worked and some didnt.

After a while, app channels were working, so I wrote it off to a new device still getting settled in.

I have done a factory reset and set every back up again.

The app "crashing" issue appeared immediately.  Now none of the channels will startup.

This isnt my first Roku (actually about my 5th one), so beginning to think I might have a bad Roku Streambar.  On the first setup, it did take the software update and didnt show any errors.

After the factory reset and completion of the setup, I performed a manual update and no need to update was shown.  I have also manually fixed the resolution between the Roku Streambar instead of letting it run on automatic.  No change to the problem and didnt really expect one.

Any suggestions before I send this back as defective?

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Re: FIXED: Streambar channels keep crashing on LG 42LN5300

Hey great job! I was almost ready to give up when I found your post. I had went through all of the tech support circles with no help. I did what you said and we are up and running. Just wanted to thank you.  


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