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Does using Roku TV require a subscription?

I purchased a Roku smart TV & downloaded apps for Netflix, Hulu, Disney+  ect.  I have started to be billed $6.99 a month a couple of months ago for Roku TV.   I dont know what this is.  Is it required that i have a subscription to use the TV & my apps that I pay for separately? 

I really dont want this but am concerned that I wont be able to use the TV if I dont.

Please let me know.


Thank you

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Roku Guru

Re: Does using Roku TV require a subscription?

First of all Roku doesn’t make TV’s. They only make the software and sell it to companies such as TCL, Sharp and Hisense. The Roku operating system has several free channels and some subscription channels. The channels you mentioned are subscription channels. You probably started a free trial and now you are being billed through your Roku account. You can cancel that and subscribe to Netflix, Hulu or Disney+ directly off their website and not through your Roku account. The Roku Channel, PlutoTV, Tubi and Crackle are all free. Your not being billed for a Roku TV. Your being billed for a monthly subscription. Most like from the price it’s Hulu or Disney+.  Go into your Roku account and look under subscriptions. Your banking statement will also say what the charge is and who it’s from 

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Re: Does using Roku TV require a subscription?

Hey @cheryldeaterla, We see on our end that you have a support ticket that has been resolved and a refund has been issued.  If you need any additional help please feel free to reply to this post or message us directly. 


Happy Streaming!



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