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Re: Cannot calibrate HDR/DV colorspace - R625

I swear this problem and another problem I am having with Roku and TCL is really wearing thin on me and other consumers like bugachoo 

I just can't believe after a year of complaining about the app issue ITS STILL NOT FIXED. Does Roku and TCL really give a **bleep** about there customers? Even though it hasn't even fixed we consumers don't even get an answer if it will be fixed. It seems like both companies turns a blind eye to issues to work on bigger more important issues and that's really sad as a consumer. Companies need to learn that your product is only good if you have a strong customer service support base and without that **bleep** will start hitting fan. Maybe not in the short run but in the long run customers are gonna start to look elsewhere and buy from someone else. I rather buy from a company with an average product with great customer support then a great product and poor customer support. I know these guys have a lot of issues but Jesus man. After a year of complaining. Stuff needs to get fixed and addressed.

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