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Can't change local station on PBS using the instructions listed.

I moved to a different state from where I had PBS local station. In the new state I'm connected to the local station for PBS channel on my computer but can't access it on my Roku TV.  I've tried the instructions listed, but can't change the  PBS local station from the previous state,  On the Roku TV menu I do not have Profile listed and I've tried to find it in Settings but doesn't  have a listing to "Change the Station." Still can't activate on my Roku TV?

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Re: Can't change local station on PBS using the instructions listed.

Hi @kats64

This can occur if your internet service provider offers you an IP address that misrepresents your location, or if you reside in an area with overlapping coverage from many PBS stations, as I do.

Within the PBS application:

  • Click the left mouse button to activate the menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Click the icon at the bottom to access your profile.
  • Click "Change Station".
  • If the station you want appears on the right side of the screen, click on it. Otherwise, enter your zip code to view the available channels.

We hope it helps!

Warm Regards,

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