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Bluetooth speaker audio audible BEFORE audio from Roku Streambar / connection issues

I just got the Roku 4K Streambar. It is connected to my TV's HDMI ARC port. From there the TV connects via digital optical cable to this Avantree Orbit Bluetooth 5.0 audio transmitter: 

...which then transmits its audio signal to this Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth speaker: 

I chose the Avantree and Soundcore units specifically because they both utilize the Qualcomm aptX codec, which minimizes latency vs. standard Bluetooth 5.0. Prior to getting the Roku Streambar, I never had issues with either of them.

Oddly enough, not only is latency completely minimized... the audio from the Soundcore speaker at the end of the signal path is actually audible BEFORE the audio originating from the Roku Streambar. There's no mistaking it... placed side by side, the difference is ~200 ms! And actually, I think it's the audio on the Soundcore that is in better sync with the video; i.e., the audio from the Roku is a little late.

Also, I have found that the Bluetooth speaker sometimes connects without audio. I know it's connected because when I press the volume buttons on the speaker, I can see the numeric volume values on the Avantree transmitter go up and down, yet there's no audio, even as the Roku Streambar still produces audio. If I switch to another source, like the BluRay player or gaming consoles, then audio returns to the Bluetooth speaker, and it works normally. It is only when I have the Roku Streambar selected as the a/v source that the speaker connects but does not produce audio. I have successfully gotten audio back by resetting the Roku to its factory state and resetting all its apps. But if there's a faster way then I sure would like to know.

Has anyone encountered these issues, and what are the fixes? Thanks!

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