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Audio Delay on PS4’s Blu-ray Player via a TCL 6 Series and a Pioneer VSX-832 AV Receiver

I’m hoping I could get some clarity or maybe just some thoughts/theories on what I’m seeing here and how to address it.

I have an original PS4, it’s hooked up via a premium HDMI cable to a Pioneer VSX-832 AV receiver, which is then connected via ARC and another premium HDMI cable to a 2019 TCL 6-Series 55”.

I just got the TCL a few months ago and since then I’ve noticed when I watch blu-rays there is a slight but frustratingly noticeable delay between the audio and the video. It’s especially noticeable in dialogue.

I have realized that when I select in the PS4 [Video Playback Settings -> Output at 1080p/24 Hz -> Off] the delay goes away. But when I have it set to “Automatic” (there in no “On”) the delay returns.

I’ve confirmed in the receiver that it correctly sees when I have it set to “Automatic” (the receiver shows that it’s seeing a 23hz signal… maybe that’s a hint? Shouldn’t it be 24hz or is my receiver just rounding down from 23.98?) and when I have it set to “Off” (it shows that it’s receiving a 59hz signal.) I have the receiver set to not do any sort of 1080p->4K up-convert, since the TV should be able to do that just fine according to rtings.com.

There are features on the AV receiver like “Auto Delay” in the HDMI section that don’t seem to do anything.

The only thing that seems to substantially affect/correct the audio delay is the “Output at 1080p/24 Hz” Automatic or Off on the PS4.

Per Rtings.com and the Pioneer VSX-832 & TCL 6 Series’ own manuals, as far as I can tell, everything supports 24p content just fine. And obviously I would want to output the blu-rays at 24p if possible since it’s the correct way to output film content.

So I just want to make sure I’m not crazy. Is it the TV? Does it introduce video delay when receiving 24hz content? Is it the PS4? Does it not output 1080p/24hz content properly? I’ve seen some sparse posts through lots of googling that suggest this is possible. https://www.reddit.com/r/PS4/comments/a9tv3x/bluray_audio_out_of_sync/ Is it the receiver? Does it introduce a delay because it’s between the TV and the source?

Other things I've tried:

  • Seeing if there is a delay/difference between Dolby True HD and DTS Master HD (there isn't, they both have the delay at 24hz).
  • Plugging the PS4 directly into the TV (Curiously, there is no audio delay in 24hz when I set the audio output to Linear PCM in the PS4, but it's there when I set it to Bitstream [Direct]... and Linear PCM only allows Stereo audio to get through to my receiver, and in Bitstream [Direct] I can only get DTS and Dolby Digital (not Dolby True HD or DTS Master HD, since it's just an ARC output.) 
  • Toggling Natural Cinema (5:5 pulldown as I understand it). It smooths out a minor judder when I play movies in 60hz, but doesn't seem to do anything to affect audio delay when playing in 24hz.

I suppose at the end of the day I can just watch the movies at 60hz because it actually looks just fine with no delay, but my neurosis is telling me "You have to figure out how to watch it the way it was intended to be seen! 24hz is the truth! Let's fix this!"

And maybe... hopefully... when I get the PS5 next month it'll have more robust playback features and won't have this issue.

Help me out here people! Any thoughts?

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