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How to Create Topic in the Community

Tips for reporting Issues

When posting in the Community please provide as much information as possible in order to better investigate the issue and receive better support.

What you should do first:

  • If you are experiencing a channel issue, we recommend first contacting the channel provider or developer. Many channels provide their own support, and since the developer is the one who made the channel, they are more likely to know of an existing issue and provide additional support or solutions.  Please note that in the case of 3rd party, private channels (eg, channels which don't show up in the channel store) this is your only avenue of support as Roku doesn't support 3rd party, private channels.
  • Before posting, do a search on the forums to see if the issue has been reported previously.  If so, add more details, not just "I have the same problem."  If the thread is older than six months, please start a new thread as conditions may have changed within that time span (new software release, new channel versions, etc).
  • When you make a post and someone replies with a question, please respond with as much information as possible.
  • Be kind, courteous, and positive when posting. The Community exists to help users.

Necessary Information:

  • Roku player model number & serial number (Settings>System>About)
  • Be as detailed as possible when describing your issue.
  • Provide the steps you took to reproduce the issue. This will be helpful to others who provide assistance with the problem.
  • If you've contacted Roku Support, please provide your case number.
  • Please provide a description of your home setup, including how your Roku player, TV, audio/video peripherals, and internet connection are configured.
  • Please associate a Roku product to your post. Search for your Roku device name/model number and select this product when creating a post. 

Important Information to include:

  • Channel name
  • Channel version & build (Navigate to the channel tile and press the * key on your remote to see this.)
  • A thorough description of is the issue being reported
  • Is this issue reproducible? What are the steps to reproduce?
  • What is the serial number of your device? (Found on the bottom/side of the device, and/or in Settings>System>About - Serial number)
  • What software version & build is the device running? (Settings>System>About)
  • An issue tracker report ID generated after the behavior/issue occurs. You can create one of these by pressing the Home button 5 times quickly, followed by the Back button 5 times quickly on your remote. 

Additional helpful details:

  • Is your Roku player connected to the internet via wireless or a wired connection?
  • What signal strength of network is the device reporting? (Settings>Network>About)
  • How is your Roku player connected to the TV (HDMI or Composite cables, etc.)?
  • What resolution is currently selected in Settings>Display type?
  • What is your television's brand and specific model number?
  • If you are using an audio/video receiver or soundbar with your Roku device, what is the brand and model number? 

Please note that in some instances (especially non-channel-specific issues), it may be necessary to reboot your entire network (modem/router/Roku) and establish an internet connection before restarting your Roku device.

Tips for replying to posts

  • When replying to a topic, please try to remain on topic. If you have additional comments or thoughts to share that aren't relevant, please create a new topic. 
  • Be polite, courteous and patient. Different people have differing levels of experience with products, and may need some extra assistance clarifying their issue. 
  • Include Roku support article links when possible to help add context and insight to your response. 

Community Email Notifications

  • If you receive an email notification for a post or indicating that you received a private message, you must open the topic thread or private message in the Community in order to reply. DO NOT reply to Community email notifications directly. Your message will not be delivered. Click the link in the email to open either the topic thread and reply there, or to open your messages inbox and reply directly. 
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