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Re: Cable Costs vs. Streaming services

Just so you know... Spectrum has a streaming service called Spectrum Choice. They don't really advertise it. They also have "Essentials" as a streaming service.
Essentials is a bunch of what they consider to be the most watched stations. It does NOT include your locals.
Choice has your locals, a bunch of stations THEY pick, and then you also get to choose 10 more channels from a list and if I remember right the Fox stations were either in the included list or the list you could select from.
Both are streaming (no truck roll, none of their equipment). Choice has on-Demand, not sure about Essentials. And when I was testing Choice, you could also get their Cloud DVR so you could record stuff and watch later.
Essentials is like $20 and Choice is $25 last I looked. Chat them on line and ask to be sent a link to the current Choice channel options. If you're just getting into this, it's at least worth a look while you seek out all of your other options.
We have a Tablo for everything we can receive on antenna. And we use the Tablo channel on our Roku devices to view it. It also has a built in DVR so you can record off your antenna. VERY inexpensive.
We have Amazon Prime so we get Amazon, we have Paramount+, Netflix, Disney+ and we're STILL paying way less than cable. Largely due to the lack of all those extra fees. But we also have a cottage and can just fire up the TV there and watch everything we watch at home. We can even remote into the Tablo.
Lots of options.

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Re: Cable Costs vs. Streaming services

Considering choose a cheaper cable, it surely will save the cost.

Find cables at Amazon or Baudcom.

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Re: Cable Costs vs. Streaming services

hello everyone

While I am not a big sports fan on TV, I have recently started using a Roku Express 4K+ and am like it so far. I have Discovery+ and Paramount+, but I need something that includes Fox News and Fox Business and allows me to watch programs that are more than a day or so old. real estate istanbul 

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Re: Cable Costs vs. Streaming services

"Choice has on-Demand, not sure about Essentials. And when I was testing Choice, you could also get their Cloud DVR so you could record stuff and watch later.
Essentials is like $20 and Choice is $25 last I looked."

Choice is currently $29.99/mo + taxes/fees per .

Essentials is a pretty good deal for a Philo-like service at a similarly decent price.

Choice could also be considered a good deal as a way to get local channels without paying for a bunch of unwanted channels, but due to having local channels, the local channel rebroadcast fee is ADDED to the base cost. I don't know how much that rebroadcast fee is currently, mostly because it's pretty well hidden until you get the bill, and it may vary by location, but the last time I researched it, the rebroadcast fee was somewhere between $13/mo and $15/mo added, for a total of $42.99 to $44.99, in addition to taxes and any other fees.  Also, add $5/mo to $10/mo for cloud DVR, if that's desired.  So, Choice is definitely NOT inexpensive!

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Re: Cable Costs vs. Streaming services

Here is our experience with Skinomax seems t9 be the same complaint as everyone.else. They give you the run around. Call thier toll free number and the support person acts naive to the problem. Asked for channel info she couldn't give me nothing. Said she would send a e-mail that would be answered in 24 hours. Also not true. What really gets my blood going is the Roku adult channel with soft porn rated R was where I saw the advertisement for Skinomax. So Roku will advertise it but will not let you watch it. Who paid for this TV I 'm pretty sure it was me. So all the ridiculous politics aside. We live in the land of the free. Not frappin Japan what give you the right to sensor anything? Have a good day people. Anyone who wants to buy a Roku TV or subscribe to SkinO Max I strongly advise you to think  twice

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Re: Cable Costs vs. Streaming services

There's no easy solution. To attract cord-cutters the TV and Internet providers provide streaming services that are cheaper alternatives to traditional TV plans. Spectrum offers the TV Essentials plan, which includes 60 channels, which includes on-demand content, at $19.99 per month. While it might appear to be an good deal, TV providers typically do not include the most popular sports channels as well as local channels. Streaming services are an excellent alternative.

streaming service like Hulu + Live TV or YouTube TV provides live TV with a variety of content available on demand. Live TV plans for streaming services range between $20 and $80. It would be less expensive when you just wanted to sign up to only one streaming service. But, that's not the case for many people. The majority of households have at minimum two subscriptions to streaming services or a cable TV subscription and at minimum one streaming account. Why? The reason is that Bridgerton will not be accessible on cable TV. It's also unlikely that you'll see the Grammys and the American Country Music Awards on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon.

Cord cutting is a fantastic alternative for those who are willing to cut down on the amount of TV shows you are watching.

The providers are currently offering TV bundles that include benefits such as streaming accounts for free or bigger libraries on-demand. These bundles are more appealing than ever before.ometvchat

If you're in a limbo about whether or not to cut the cord, we suggest to do it and then consider what you think about it. Within the initial few months after joining, you'll most likely receive a message from the service provider asking you to sign up for their TV service. It's cheaper to get TV service in the event that you decide to stay with it.

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Re: Streaming does not have to be expensive

@MatthewMasse1 wrote:

this is the 2nd part of my post ..on  the internet i found sites that gives me free live streaming of local channels but it gives you everything that you can find on cable all for free stream ..thats all i have been using for ad free movies thats up to date and other channels that i have not been able to watch for years ...i could tell you the sites but i cant on here ...look well its so easy and its right there when you enter the right words for search ...use a ip blocker ..thats it 

That kind of free can get you free room and board in an FCI.

Get yourself an OTA and access locals for free.

Sling TV Orange and Sling TV Blue are $35. Orange & Blue are $50. Personally, I like Sling Blue + the Hollywood Extra add-on for about $44/month. You can add others like AMC+ and premium movie channels.

Frndly is $6.99, $8.99 or month $10.99/month .

Like other here said. Philo is $25.

You don't need to have all the streaming services. I add and remove services all the time depending on what I want to watch. Some streaming services, such as Screenpix, can be had for $2.99/month, and it's live channel shows up in the Live Guide as do the live channels for services like AMC+, Epix, etc.

The Roku Channel, Tubi, IMDb TV [FreeVee], and Plex offer plenty of free content.

You should be able to piece together something that is $50/month or less.

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