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"Continue Watching" & "Pause" Ads

- What happened to Continue Watching category? Did somebody decide we don't want or need it? Stupid.

- First of all, those "Pause" ads are annoying in the extreme. On top of that, when you press replay to back up a section, they appear on the screen and don't go away. you have to back-arrow out of the show to make it go away. This is poor design, programming, or testing; most likely all 3.

In light of this poor interaction and since the quality of content on Roku Channel has diminished significantly, I will be dropping this app from me streaming.

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Re: "Continue Watching" & "Pause" Ads

The ads don't bother me much but it's the continue watching section that keeps disappearing is frustrating me. I start watching a movie but the only way to resume it is to save the movie first and then watch it from the saved list. But if I don't save the movie it gets lost. Even manually updating still doesn't help. Is this feature gone?

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