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blank "other" captioning track in ViX

Using the ViX app I watch content with closed captioning turned on and set to spanish.  Roku is set to show spanish by default and usually does.

Most of the content only has spanish captions, or at the most english and spanish.  However, some content has an additional captioning track labled as "other."  The track appears to be blank or incompatible because when it's selected no captions appear.

For some reason, any time the content has an "other" track, Roku makes that track the default (despite being set to spanish) and displays no captions.  I have to manually change the captioning track to spanish at the beginning of every show that has an "other" track.

ViX tech support is blaming the problem on Roku, but I don't have problems with any other apps.

Can someone confirm this is a problem with ViX and not Roko so maybe ViX tech support will stop insisting it's not their problem and actualy fix it?


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