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Reel Rookie

Youtube channel loading sound, blows speakers.

When the YouTube channel app is started, it makes a weird very low frequency groan, with a loud pop!

It clearly an intentional sound but is way over the top, especially if your volume was still set high. It actually blew one if my speakers.

Who comes up with these dumb feature sounds without any consideration of what these low frequencies could do to a large home theater system. 

Roku Guru

Re: Youtube channel loading sound, blows speakers.

Presumably, someone(s) who works at Youtube.   I haven’t loaded youtube in quite some time time, but I just tried it, and yep, that’s pretty loud.  Subjectively it sounds quite a bit louder than Netflix’s for example.  I suggest complaining to them. 

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Roku Guru

Re: Youtube channel loading sound, blows speakers.

As noted, it is YouTube that writes the channel code. That was a recent update a few weeks ago. You can probably find a support link somewhere to complain.

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