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Level 7

YouTube/YouTube TV launch sounds


Only on Roku devices does this happen, an obnoxious noise blasts out when opening YouTube or YouTube TV.

Again Why?

These sounds are much louder than those within the app. The sound itself is what I would expect if I asked an AI bot to generate the sound a turd landing in a toilet. They discourage me from watching.

If ROKU likes to make disgusting noises that's fine, but why can't I disable that feature.

This is a deal breaker for me.

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Level 18

Re: YouTube/YouTube TV launch sounds

Keep in mind that Roku doesn't write most apps on the Roku platform - including those.  So, I would complain to the authors.  Someone else complained about the YouTube start up some time ago, and I loaded it up to see - and yep - I had to agree that it was obnoxiously loud.  However, I haven't seen too many other complaints.  Maybe/hopefully they are complaining to youtube.