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Re: Weather Radar and the Earth Live! Visible Satellite Loops

For visible satellite loops, you can't beat what the free channel "Earth Live!" offers.

I've never seen anything like it on any of the other free weather channels.

It has visible satellite view loops of entire regions of the earth, like the Pacific Basin, the Atlantic Basin, the Gulf of Mexico/Texas, etc. sourced from NOAA.

The channel It also has ISS images, but I usually watch ISS images on other Roku channels.

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Re: Weather Radar - MyRadar

I really hope the MyRadar developers see this. This is the app that I miss the most, moving from Amazon devices. Nice radar with nice features. Hopefully we can see this soon. I'd love to just have it on my TV during a storm. There are no other apps that are clean right now. I sent an email to MyRadar and am hoping for a positive response. It would them some great exposure. I can't see why anyone would choose any other radar app, but this one.


Re: Weather Radar - MyRadar

You could always try running MyRadar on a PC or laptop and casting it to your Roku via screen mirroring.  It's not quite the same but might be a good option for some.

Roku Guru

Re: Weather Radar - MyRadar

Just found it on WeatherNation when you click on their app you can scroll all the way over on the right on maps.Hit OK on the remote and it will bring up your local weather radar. If you already have your zip code for the local forecast it will pinpoint your location.Even enlarge it to see a closer veiw of your area.Probably been there all along.It's that time of year so kinda handy to have.

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Past time for MYRADAR app

Love the Roku platform over FireTV stick, BUT....It is about time Roku took the hint and added MYRADAR app!!  Get R' Done Roku!

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Re: Past time for MYRADAR app


Roku doesn't build the apps. If the service to which you refer wants an app on Roku, they need to do like Netflix, Hulu, Disney, and all the other services/apps did and build a Roku app. It's up to them to decide they want a presence on Roku.

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