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Unable to sign into Apple TV app

I have reset the app, uninstalled and reinstalled the Apple TV app and it still will not sign me in. If I choose mobile sign in it says verification failed. If I choose tv sign in it just spins and never signs me In. My information is correct and I’m able to sign in on my phone. I have the Roku express. Please help

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Re: Unable to sign into Apple TV app

Having the same issue as of 05/05/2020 (date of purchase) Roku Roku Express (3930, 3931 series)  Express 3930X, Os 9.2.1. - 4090-AE. I can access and use the Apple TV from my iPad. Roku is set up and capable of sign in to Plex account, for example. Trying sign in using mobile device leads to there was error in identification try later message, signi in on TV with correct Apple ID and pswd generates spinning circle Sign In forever. Restarted Roku, removed, re-installed and reset Apple TV app, even turn off power to Roku for 2 minutes and repeated all - no help. Discussing with friend, he tried Sign In with his account from Roku with os 9.2.0, which connected to Apple served and provided identification code. Is this a software update needed issue? Please help! 

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Re: Apple TV channel - Login Failure

Do you seriously believe that I have not tried that and every other suggestion?  I cannot get any of the 7000x TVs I have to work.  I have been to apple to verify my acct settings, did the cache flush incessantly (so many times I have memorized the method home 5x, up 1x, rew 2x, ff 2x) sometimes in conjunction with many reinstalls/uninstalls.  I have even reset the tv's to factory settings - FOUR times.  

I mean, I genuinely appreciate suggestions, I really do but I would not complain had I not gone through every possible known fix.  The app loads and runs but I cannot login, I just get the spinning circle ring.

Apple says the problem is roku, roku says the problem is apple and me...  I have followed instructions precisely countless times.  The instructions are far too simple for there to have been an error made and certainly not in all of the times I have tried to remedy this in the past 3 months.  Again these are confirmed 7000x tvs that are listed as 'supported'.

My ultras worked after factory reset.  No reason in the world why I'd get those right and the tv's wrong using the same method.

Can’t sign in to Apple TV app

I have a Roku Express on my downstairs Samsung TV and can use Apple TV app just fine. I have a Roku Express on my Insignia Roku TV upstairs and can’t login to the Apple TV app. When using mobile it says verification failure and when signing on thru the TV, the wheel just spins forever. I saw another post about an SD card but mine doesn’t have one that I can tell. I contacted Apple and they told me to contact Roku. On the other post Roku says to contact Apple. I literally just bought this Roku Express so I can watch Apple TV upstairs and it doesn’t work. 

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Re: Apple TV channel - Login Failure

Have you figured this out? I have one Roku Express downstairs that Apple TV works and one upstairs where I get verification failure and a spinning wheel. I can’t find a solution and neither Apple nor Roku wants to take responsibility.

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Re: Can’t sign in to Apple TV app

Same issue.  Tried uninstalling, restarting roku and reinstalling app.  No luck. No one seems to have an answer


Roku Express 3930RW not letting Apple TV app log in.

When I try the mobile device it says verification failed before even showing the QR code. 

when I enter my Apple ID and PW I only get the spinning wheel. 


Re: Roku Express 3930RW not letting Apple TV app log in.

Having exact same issue. Have uninstalled and reinstalled and rebooted. Will not let me login to Apple TV which is disappointing because it is one of the reasons I bough the Roku. They need to fix this or I am returning and switching to firestick. 

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Re: Can’t sign in to Apple TV app

@Cmjbeb @Petr_Pancoska @Kimfrederi007 @Kris1101 @Kevin12 @Gcheezpuff 

Thanks for the information.

Can you please send me a PM with the following information:
-Roku Model and serial number (found in Settings > System > About)
-OS version and build (found in Settings > System > About)
-Channel version and build (found by selecting the channel in the Home screen and pressing *)

With this information we will be able to pass it along to the appropriate team to take a closer look into.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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Re: Can’t sign in to Apple TV app

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