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Roku has zero reguard for users

Okay Roku got over 33 pages of complaints for the addition of the "Browse and Categories" and before that the "screen sizes and continue watching". So, to show you how much they don't care about there users base. They added the "All Things Food" to your home screen. Again wanting you to click on it to make them money! I am going to suggest that we start canceling app's and put into the comments of why? Tell them that Roku has screwed up the interface and until they fix it you are not loading their app or watching their channel.

Yes, I know they did allow you to turn it off and they are using the old excuse for the others that it's embedded into the OS and can't be changed easily. 

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Re: Roku has zero reguard for users




Re: Roku has zero reguard for users

I agree. This is really annoying.