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Remove YouTube from ALL devices?

I have 5 Roku's in my house, and I want to delete the YouTube app from my daughter's roku, but leave it on the other Roku's.  But when I delete it, it comes back, again and again.  Do I need to delete it from ALL devices???  I delete it using the * on the remote, it's removed then comes back.  Everyday and every time I delete it.  How do I get it removed from just her device?  Please help.  Thank you!

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Re: Remove YouTube from ALL devices?

If you deleted it from one Roku it should be removed from all Roku devices linked to the same account and not come back on any of them unless someone adds it back to any of those devices.  Channels/apps are tied to the Roku account, not the Roku device.  Any channel/app added/removed from one Roku will be added/removed from all Roku devices linked to the same account.  The only way to have different channels on each device is to create separate Roku accounts.  The downside is that subscriptions paid through Roku are also tied to the Roku account, which is one reason why it's better to subscribe directly with the provider and not through Roku.

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