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Number of Commercial Breaks

I agree that ROKU is a great product and I also understand that ROKU needs commercials, but 8 minutes of content and 2 minutes of the same commercials is ridiculous!!  In a 90 minute show, that amounts to 11 breaks with minimum of 44 commercials adding 22 minutes to the whole thing. Even over the air TV doesn't do this.  It completely destroys the continuity of the program and I have shut it off more than once as I became disgusted,  which by the way doesn't put the advertisers' messages in front of me - again!  Frankly, with this type of advertising I am not inclined to entertain buying what they are selling.  I don't see that having 1/2 the number of breaks will make the advertising any less effective.  Also, since I have paid extra to have Britbox, why do I have to endure the same commercial interruptions when watching their content?  Does anyone else feel this way?

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Re: Number of Commercial Breaks

been sick all this year,so last i used the channel was last year.

last year i didn't get many compared to cable.

22 minutes added to 90 minutes is 20%,any cable channel will have that or more.


for Britbox,unless you pay for it though roku,use the Britbox app.

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Re: Number of Commercial Breaks

22 min for 90 min show is actually LESS than cable/broadcast. A 30 min time slot is typically 10/20. 60 is 20/40, etc...

I do agree that seeing the same ads OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER shows they need a much deeper ad pool to pull from.

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