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Reel Rookie

Mech+ channel login issues?

I just added the "Mech+" channel to my Roku lineup, but am getting nowhere in trying to view or subscribe or login.  Is anybody else having problems subscribing and/or logging in to the Mech+ channel?  If I try to watch any content (and choose a plan, if I ever managed to GET that far...), I just get a screen that tells me to "choose your plan," but absolutely NO options or anything else to choose from - - just the boilerplate stating I'll be charged the selected amount (plus taxes, of course...), on a recurring basis, blah, blah, blah...

If I go instead to "Settings," and select "Log in or Subscribe,"  then select "Subscribe" again from the resulting screen, it sends me back to that same screen described above... all boilerplate, ZERO options or anything else to choose from.

If I then back up and choose "Sign In," I get a popup that says it's going to use my Roku account to log in, with my email address already filled in, just waiting for the password.

And here's the rub: it will NOT take my current passsword.  Multiple attempts using my password manager (which successfully logs in from my PC browser using this password) to be absolutely sure I'm entering it correctly, all I get is a "Something's not right" message.  "There's an issue with the information you entered.  Please try again or reset your password," with the choice to either reset my password or try again.  There is NO error in the password I entered, the same one with which I easily logged into Roku online from my PC.  If this thing's giving me this much trouble over a valid password, I'm not even going to consider "resetting my password" from this app, which can't even handle a legitimate login.

Obviously NOT ready for Prime Time.  Anyone run into anything similar, and if so, did you manage to fix things?  I'd really appreciate learning what you did to get things working!

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Mech+ channel login issues?

@kharrisma, I can't help with that particular app except to say that you never need to enter your Roku account password on a Roku device.  That screen you're seeing that offers to use your Roku account email address is simply suggesting that email address since so many people only have one email address.  It's kind of a shortcut (and a Roku requirement).  It's not trying to force you to use that email address.  That screen implies that there's two ways to subscribe to Mech+ - through Roku or directly with Mech+.  I strongly suggest you do the latter through their website -  They even offer a free trial.  Once you establish an account with them, use whatever email address and password you've established with Mech+ to sign into their app on your Roku device.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Mech+ channel login issues?

Don't understand why I can't just add this channel and subscribe through Roku like I've done with all my other channels.  I tried subscribing from their site as you suggested, but when I entered my debit card info, the card was immediately declined and I got a call from my bank's fraud detection service about ten seconds later, from which I gather that my bank considers the UK to be suspicious.

They certainly don't make it easy.

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