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Inappropriate ad shown on Roku

Tonight while viewing a show on the Roku app there was a BET commercial that had the F word in it.

This is very inappropriate especially during the early evening (before 8pm) when families are viewing when their children can hear this! Roku please take this ad off your channels! Parents should not have to worry about their children hearing filthy language like that while trying to watch family viewing on your app! I was very disappointed seeing and hearing this tonight. How or where can this be reported if this is not the correct place?

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Roku Guru

Re: Inappropriate ad shown on Roku


Frankly. I hear what you are saying. Will reporting it anywhere do any good. I doubt it. It's a streaming ad so, don't even bother with an FCC complaint. They only have authority over things that are broadcast over the air. If it was a BET ad I'd suggest reporting it to BET. Good luck.

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