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How to get local channels using an antenna?

I live in the Portland, OR area and I want to get the local channels such as Fox, KOIN, and so on, but I am only getting these 29.1 - 29.7 channels and not getting any of the Portland loc channels. How does this stupid TV work? I have an antenna hooked up to my TV. I scanned for local channels and only found 7 channels which is the 29.1 - 29.7 channels and those aren't the local channels. So confused on how this thing works.

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Roku Guru

Re: How to get local channels using an antenna?

1. what antenna are you using? Indoor, roof mounted? Is it directional? If so, is it pointed in the right direction?

2. Go here:

You can find out, using your address, where the stations are in you area and compass heading for a directional antenna.

3. You might also need an amp on your antenna line.

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