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How to delete tv inputs shortcut?

2 days ago on 9/6/23 my 3 systems I had hooked up to the tv (switch, ps5, and computer) all got condensed down into a separate box labeled tv input instead of just being regular icons on the Home Screen. When I try to move them it only allows me to move them around inside the subsection and not back out onto the main screen. Also it says to change the setting go to tv inputs but the only things there are rename and remove. Is there a way to remove tv inputs box and have those system back out on the Home Screen? 

Reel Rookie

'computer' no longer shows as an app after 2023 Sept Roku change

Same problem as alassen: 'computer' no longer shows on the 'apps & inputs' home screen as of Sept 2023 Roku change that displays 4 apps across instead of 3.  Roku, how do I restore previous view of apps, or move 'computer' back to home screen?

Re: 'computer' no longer shows as an app after 2023 Sept Roku change

I have the same problem too.  The TV should have an option to expand the TV Inputs out to the main screen, and it should also have an option to hide the "Continue Watching" section.  I like having 4 apps per row, but I have not been a fan of the other recent UI changes.

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Re: How to delete tv inputs shortcut?

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