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How do I remove an HBOMAX "Mystery" Account?

I just loaded HBOMax, I have an active HBOMAX account. When I opened HBOMAX it appears that I am already logged-in to a completely different account with users I don't know.

There is no way to navigate to log-out of the account to sign-in as a different account.

When selecting HBOMAX from the Home screen and selecting Options * I do not get a prompt to "Manage Subscription" but I can remove the channel, which does nothing to allow me to re-install without ending up at the same place. Signed-in to some HBOMAX Mystery accout.


Any help?

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Re: How do I remove an HBOMAX "Mystery" Account?

Relax. Hold on. It’s all very easy. This isn’t a Roku issue. Is your Roku linked to other Roku’s? Do you have multiple devices? Does a family member or friend share your Roku account? So your saying some other email and profile is logged into HBO Max?

Launch HBO Max

Select a profile

From the left side menu select settings 

Scroll all the way over to the left and sign out

Log in with your credentials 

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Re: How do I remove an HBOMAX "Mystery" Account?


One other thing to look into, because if what I'm wanting you to check is actually happening, the problem could reoccur.

Go to and log in. Scroll all the way down. Do you see any Roku devices listed? How many? Do you know where they all are?

Because if there is a Roku device that someone else has -- friend, family member, one you gave away or even had stolen from you -- and they have HBO Max installed and logged in, since it's tied to your account, Roku's Single Sign On process could be stepping in and auto-logging you in.

Of course, if there are no mystery/forgotten Roku devices, then this isn't happening, so ignore this post.

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