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Reel Rookie

Excessive Commercials on channels such as Filmrise and Tubi

Today I turned on Filmrise and before I was able to watch the first minute of the movie,  I was compelled to watch EIGHT ads! That’s excessive! I only got to see a few minutes and I had to sit through 8 more commercials.

That’s not free TV! And the worst part is that I have to sit through exactly the same commercials over & over! You can’t skip them, either. You can’t indicate that a commercial is inappropriate, or irrelevant or repetitious.

Filmrise and the other “free” stations are impossible to watch. They ought to pay us!  I went on eBay & bought the movies I wanted to see. This is completely uncalled for.

Here’s another thought: I refuse to purchase any of the items or services that advertise like this. I encourage others to do the same. If advertisers understand that such practices are are hurting their bottom line,  they’ll think twice before advertising like that. 

Roku Guru

Excessive Commercials on channels such as Filmrise and Tubi

Always remember the "TANSTAAFL" principle:

"There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch."

Television via Roku is an entertainment and advertising medium. Someone has to pay the bills. My time is valuable. I decided it was a better value to purchase subscriptions to channels like Acorn and Britbox and the like and spend my time TV time relaxing.

Roku "free" channels are bombarded with commercials because so many people watch them. By all means, delete those poor excuses for entertainment, but remember to write to the channel owners and let them know. Otherwise, they'll never know or care.


Re: Excessive Commercials on channels such as Filmrise and Tubi

I would pay for Film Rise and or their Sci-Fi network for an add free experience.  But no, they would rather hit a person with so many ads that it is TRULY UNBEARABLE to watch.  I have tried but never made it past one half hour of ANYTHING!!!  I GUESS THEY FIGURE  NO CUSTOMER IS BETTER THAN A PAYING ONE!  IF IT SEEMS IF A PERSON CANNOT TOLERATE AN INSANELY REDICULUS AMOUNT OF ADS THEY CANNOT BE THEIR CUSTOMER!!!  JEESH!!!  JUST HOW MUCH MONEY FROM ADS MUST THEY MAKE TO BE HAPPY???  I HAFT TO SAY FREE ROKU ESPECIALLY AND TUBI ARE SO MUST BETTER ON ADS AND I WATCH THEM ALOT!  I too have turned to purchasing DVD'S and such online so they money they could have made now goes to ebay sellers and shipping companies!


Re: Excessive Commercials on channels such as Filmrise and Tubi

I noticed more ads and longer on Tubi which is my free tv to go to. If they keep it up I will eliminate them as I did Filmrise and go to paid tv.

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